Client Services – Channel Partner Support

The level of marketing support on offer is often a critical factor in determining whether a potential reseller opts to carry a particular vendor’s products or those of its major competitors. Any vendor looking to promote an increase in the proportion of business it does through the channel, therefore, does well to ensure it has an attractive marketing support programme in place. Such programmes tend to be viewed by resellers as clear evidence of a vendor’s meaningful commitment to indirect sales.

If you supply resellers, I can help you develop coherent and successful marketing support programmes for your channel partners in a number of ways:

  • Development of processes for managing market development funding (MDF)
  • Origination and production of artworks for co-op advertising and printed collateral
  • Provision of vendor-specific content for partner websites
  • PR support for partners
  • Organisation of product and/or service briefings for partners
  • Participation in partner exhibition initiatives
  • Organisation of channel promotions, incentive schemes, competitions, etc

Some of my recent work…