Client Services – Customer Acquisition and Retention

Most organisations understand that their existing customers are their best prospects. It’s surprising, then, how so few take the trouble to stay in close contact with those customers. It may be the scarcity of experienced in-house resources or simply lack of focus that leads organisations to neglect their existing customers.

I can take up the slack. I help with lead generation and communications programmes that not only enable you to acquire new customers but to retain and upgrade them as well. Typical methodologies include:

  • Design and development of rules-based systems for customer relationship management and/or contact management and supporting processes
  • Customer organisation mapping to identify existing and prospective users and buyers
  • Organisation of sales seminars for hot prospects
  • Organisation of entertainment/hospitality (sports and cultural events, for example) for favoured customers and/or resellers
  • Organisation of workshops to introduce existing customers to new products and services
  • Origination and distribution of regular printed or emailed marketing campaigns to keep existing customers up to date with your latest offerings
  • Development and organisation of user groups

Some of my recent work…