Client Services – Brand Management

Stick to strong brand management practices and you’ll create a name that not only identifies your organisation and its products or services, but attaches a positive set of values to those things as well. A well-known, respected brand name gives you a powerful advantage – it enables you to differentiate your offerings from those of your competitors, and opens doors by facilitating name recognition. A carefully nurtured brand instantly tells prospects:

  • What your organisation, product or service is, and what it promises to do for them
  • What positive emotional reactions your organisation, product or service brings out in them
  • What makes your organisation, product or service important to them

Brand building lies at the heart of every organisation’s ability to benefit from effective marketing communications. I offer brand development and management expertise that establishes positive perceptions of my clients in advance of customer contact. Helping you develop and adhere to corporate brand management processes ensures you speak with a clear, coordinated voice in every theatre of operations. This requires a coherent, highly disciplined approach to the development of marketing communications materials:

  • Consistency – I ensure the maintenance of a consistent verbal and visual style for all your corporate messaging.
  • Management processes – I develop appropriate processes to support your brand – addressing issues such as version control, intellectual property rights, copyright ownership, and so on – for managing internal and external communications.
  • Education – I produce and maintain style guides and training modules for the benefit of your staff, business partners and suppliers, outlining copywriting and editing practices for marketing collateral such as brochures, data and offer sheets, white papers, sales letters, and so on.

Some of my recent work…