Client Services – Website Development

I commissioned my first website in 1995 and have been developing client websites myself since the early Noughties. The requirements of web design have changed dramatically over the years but the fundamentals remain the same. Content still needs to be well written and engage the organisation’s target audience. And every stop still needs to be pulled out to direct traffic to the site. Here’s how I develop client websites these days:

  • Every website I build is “responsive” – ie, it works with any smart device from a PC to an iPhone. (That’s now one of the most important factors affecting search engine optimisation.)
  • Every website I build incorporates a popular Content Management System, so my clients can add, edit or remove content if they wish.
  • I encourage (and train) my clients to use social media and direct mail campaigns to drive traffic to their websites.
  • I encourage (and train) my clients to use Google Analytics and other applications to apply metrics to their site traffic and take steps to adjust their content accordingly.


Some of my recent work…