Client Services – Business Process Development

Organisations establishing serious marketing activities for the first time (or setting up overseas offices with minimal staff numbers) don’t always have in-house resources with the experience and/or expertise to initiate the fundamental business processes needed for properly managing those activities. The result? At best, information will need to be consolidated from a number of disparate sources at some later date into a more appropriate system. At worst, months or even years’ worth of valuable records will have to be re-entered into business systems manually or may even be lost all together. Either way, the organisation will be faced with costly, time consuming remedial work and staff retraining that could have been avoided if appropriate processes had been established from Day One.

Here’s how I can help initiate those processes using low cost, even free-of-charge applications that most company personnel are already using – Microsoft Office or an equivalent productivity suite, a CRM such as SalesForce, and/or Adobe Acrobat:

  • Development of processes for leads handling, monitoring, tracking and marketing metrics
  • Creation and maintenance of databases for customer relationship management, contact management, etc
  • Creation and maintenance of forms for interaction with customers and prospects
  • Creation and maintenance of systems for compliance management and corporate governance requirements
  • Development of systems for monitoring sales team and/or channel partner performance

Some of my recent work…